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Interior Design Gallery

Student Name : Vivian Lew
Student Email  : vivianlew6536 [at] gmail.com

Phone                : 016 - 660 0961
Cafe A.jpg Feature Wall Design.jpg Master Bedroom - bedset.jpg Master Bedroom - walk in closet internal.jpg Standard Deluxe Room.jpg first floor - girl's room view a.jpg first floor - girl's room view b.jpg high gloss series - kitchen(base unit 11')option 2.jpg kid's room.jpg master bedroom B.jpg melamine series - kitchen(base unit 9').jpg right side view.jpg

Student Name : Stephanie Chua
Student Email  :sfern88 [at] hotmail.com
1 LivingRoom.jpg 2 Waiting Area.jpg 3 Matta Office.jpg 4 LivingRoom.jpg 5 Matta Office.jpg 6 Kitchen.jpg 7 Bathroom.jpg

3dsMax And Vray
Student Name : Nazri Mohd
Student Email  :nazri.zamharir [at] yahoo.com.my
Phone                :012 - 632 0499
Cooking Demonstration.jpg Hall.jpg Living Room.jpg MeetingRoom.jpg MeetingRoom2.jpg Restaurant.jpg

Student Name : Samantha Chee
Student Email  :samanthackl [at] gmail.com
Phone                :012 - 395 3776
DB Dining area v1.jpg Dining hall v1.jpg Dry kitchen v1.jpg Family hall v1.jpg Shop exterior v2.jpg Shop v1.jpg girl's room v3.jpg

3ds Max Design And Vray
Bedroom 1.jpg Bedroom 2.jpg Bedroom 3.jpg Bedroom 4.jpg Bedroom 5.jpg